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Chimei Township Office

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Cimei Township Hall Penghu County

Cimei Township Hall Penghu County

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HistoryAs Cimei is located at the southernmost tip of the Penghu islands, it was known during the early Qing Dynasty as "Nanyu" (South Island) or "Nandayu" (Large South Island). As it was thought to be the largest offshore island south of the Penghu Islands, during the late Qing Dynasty and early Republican Period it reverted to the name "Dayu" (Large Island)". During the Japanese Colonial Period "Dayu" was a "Village" under "Wangan District". It was not until August 1944 that a separate "Dayu District" was created. On December 11, 1945, it was renamed "Dayu Township". In 1949,County Magistrate Liu Yen-fu (4th magistrate of Penghu) convened a meeting of local notables to consider renaming the township in order to commemorate the Seven Beauties' virtuous stand. The proposal was submitted to the Provincial Government and approved so "Dayu Township" is now officially the "Cimei Township". The township consists of six villages, these being Donghu, Sihu, Jhonghe, Pinghe, Haifong and Nangang.