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Chimei Township Office

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Cimei Township Hall Penghu County

Cimei Township Hall Penghu County

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Township Crest and Identity
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Cimei Township Emblem
Originally Designed:Hsu Jingfeng.
Qimei Township Emblem
  • Consists of seven inter-connected white "Mei" (Beauty) characters, with the white color representing purity, loyalty, and integrity
  • The dark blue color near the center represents the sea while the light blue color around the edges symbolizes the sky.
  • The seven "Mei" characters that dominate the design represent seven Catalpa Bungei Trees standing together side-by-side in the Taiwan Strait under the sky and sun against all odds. Together, they put forth pure white blossoms and serve as a symbol of unity.
  • The original concept and design for the crest of Qimei Township was developed by former Mayor Hsu Chin-feng.

  • The logo was selected through a popular vote by local residents in May 2006. The Twin-Heart stone weir forms the basis of the design with red symbolizing Cimei's passion, blue the township's pure blue skies and seas and the characters "CM" being the acronym for "Cimei". The bilingual logo combines liveliness and creativity.