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Chimei Township Office

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Cimei Township Hall Penghu County

Cimei Township Hall Penghu County

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About the Mayor
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1 Concept: Qimei is ours.

2 Dirtections: You go out, I stay.

3 Deeds: Fight for people on the island, do things for the neighborhood, serve for the folks.

4 Prospects: Livable, leisurely, healthy and comfortable Qimei island.

5 Targets:

   * Convinient air traffic and on water.  Better health care.

   * Carry out educational and art activities.  Promote tourism development under Qimei's starry sky.

   * Look after vulnerable groups.  Establish nursing care system.

   * Implete local welfare.  Improve quality of roads.

   * Integrate resource sharing.  Create advantages of Qimei.

‧Chief Executive  Lu, Chi-Chun
‧Education NCO and Officer Class, Air Force Communications and Electronics School
‧Experience ◆ Mayor of Qimei Township
◆ Secretary on Qimei Township Office
◆ Chief of PingHe Village
◆ Director of PingHe Community Development Association
◆ PengHu congressman's assistant
◆ Communications Sergeant
◆ Assistant of Flight Control Officer
◆ Flight Control Officer
‧Address No.10, Jhonghe Village, Qimei Township, Penghu County
‧Telephone (06)9971007